The Agent is one of the Monsters in the game.

Overview Edit

The Agent Zombie, similar to the Soldier Zombie, uses a Gun instead of a Melee Weapon.

Wears Weapon
Cop Suit,

Peaked Cap


The Agent shoots very accurately. The Magazine amount of the Agent's Pistol is 5 per magazine. (The Player has more ammo in his/her Pistol than the Agent Zombie.

Trivia Edit

  • The Agent's suit is different from the Player.The Agent has a tear on the back of its uniform.
  • If The Agents are In an army, Don't engage.They are deadly in groups like the Soldier.
  • In Survival, sometimes there's an Agent that is dressed as an Agent. It uses the same weapon.
  • Sometimes, the Agent kills some Zombies. The same thing happens with the Soldier.

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