Please Add Some Content If You Know Some Combat Tips

  • If Your Enemies Are Too Powerful That You Can't Even Kill Them, Ask More Powerful Teammates To Kill Them And Team Up, You Might Have A Chance To Kill Weak Players.
  • If Your Enemies Have Good Weapons Kill Them In Rage With Rifle Or Explode Them.
  • If You're Enemy Is AFK, Use A Melee Weapon To Avoid Wasting Ammo.
  • If Someone Is Using BFG, Kill The User With A Precision Weapon. Or Run As Far Away From The Blast Zone And The Lightning Range.
  • Reload Often.
  • In Survival, Use A Heavy Weapon If There's Too Much Zombies
  • In Free For All, Kill Everything You See.
  • In Teams, Stay With Groups Rather Than Being Alone.
  • In Capture The Flag, Ask For A Teammate To Cover You
  • In Domination, Ask A Teammate To Guard That Domination Point.

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