Death IS One Of The Things That Will Happen To You. There Are Many Reasons Of Death.

Death By Weapons Edit

Players Most Commonly Die By Weapons Than Other Reasons. Some Deliver An Instant Kill To Others. Like The BFG, Anti-Tank, And Plasma Grenade Launcher. You Can Suicide With Explosive Weapons As Well.

Fall Damage Edit

You Will Get Fall Damage If You Fall Up A High Place Like The Tower In 2 Towers, Buildings In Assault Pro, And More.

The Void Edit

This Is The Most Powerful Kind Of Death. It Instantly Kills Any Player, (Excluding Hackers). It Does Like 700+ Damage


Most Players (Usually Beginners) Die from Zombies.This only Happens in the Survival Mode and in Maps Sometimes.It is usually used for Sometimes Suicide and Sacrifices (To Hold Zombies Off).