Cube Wars Updated Again On February 25, 2015. New Things Have Been Added. The List Below Shows What Has Been Changed And Added In Cube Wars:

  • Changed The Home Screen
  • Added Fast Battle
  • Added Capture The Flag
  • Added Domination
  • Added New Map: Argolis
  • Added New Map: Lummoks
  • Two Towers Map Changed: There Are Now Stairs In The Sides Of The Map
  • Crossbow Model Changed To Glock-18 Model (Name Still Unchanged)
  • Added Revolver
  • Added PPSh
  • Scorch Gun Rate Of Fire Is Now 10 Per Second (Before 2 Per Second) And The Power Is Changed From 180 To 35
  • Weapons Are Now Cheaper!
  • Weapons Are Now Upgradable!
  • Added Scorch Gun Respawn
  • Added Tactical Rifle Respawn
  • Removed Radar (You Can NOT See Enemies, Zombies And Teammates
  • Added APC Respawn
  • Added 51 New Missions And 5 New Chapters: Survivor, Infection, Half-Life, Loneliness, And Eclipse


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