Vehicles are Mechanisms motors operated Movable Riding Respawn There Are 8 Vehicles In The Game But sometimes They May Become Dangerous And Zombies Overwhelm To Your Ride. It Can Make Force ejecting The Vehicle When Attacked By Zombies But Not Ejecting The Player Inside.

ATV Edit

Is A Red Quad Bike Vehicle That Costs For 16 Gold. It Is The Most Common Vehicle In Missions And Maps. The ATV Is Also A Civilian Vehicle. Only One Seat.

Weapons Speed Rotation Seats
None. You Can

Use Your Gun.

Moderately Fast 90° To The

Left And Right


Banshee Edit

Similar To The ATV, The Banshee Is A Military Version Quad Bike Of The ATV. However, It Is More Expensive, It Costs 20 Gold. And It Has More Speed And Acceleration Than The ATV. Only Has One Seat

Weapons Speed Rotation Seats
None. You Can

Use Your Gun

Very Fast 90° To The

Left And Right


APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) Edit

Upper Military Apc Screenshot

Green Military Apc Screenshot in the Flurrich City


6 Wheeled Green Heavy Military Tank. this tank has a "01" number vehicle code on the sides it has 2 seats to operate the 1st seat operates the main cannon and the vehicle and 2nd seat operates the light cannon mostly used by  Green EXO Military during their Expedition Operations. Edit

Speed Turret Rotation Operator Seat Seat Operator Control: Color Vehicle Type
Very Slow Heavy Railgun 360 degrees (Left and Right) (Heavy rail gun) 1st Seat Main Cannon (Heavy Rail Cannon) and The Vehicle (APC) Green Heavy Military Tank
Light Cannon 360 Degrees (Left and Right) (Light Cannon) 2nd Seat Light Cannon

Machine Gun Turret Edit

Operated By 1 Player, And It Doesn't Move. Costs 15 Gold. It Has 1 Seat And 4 4-Barreled Gatling Guns.

It Overheats As Well.

Weapons Speed Rotation Seats
4 4-Barreled

Gatling Guns.

N.A 360° 1

Combat 4WD Edit

Operated By 1 Player. Costs 30 Gold

Weapons Speed Rotation Seats
N.A Extremely Fast 90°

Lite BTR Edit

this is also same as APC Tank but this one is fires machine gun instead of railgun cannon it has a weaker armor and fire rate than apc more speed than APC it costs 20 coins it is operated by Reactive Soldiers.
Speed Turret Rotation Opeator Seat Seat Operator Control Color Vehicle Type
Average Light LMG 360 Degrees 1st Seat Main Cannon(Light LMG Cannon) and the vehicle (APC) Dark Blue Light Military Tank
Light Cannon 360 Degrees 2nd Seat Light Cannon

Helicopter Edit